Honorable Bey
P.O. Box 982
phone:518 2178529
email:[email protected]
years of experience:14
cases handled:500+
designation(s):• Arbitration
• Court Assigned
• Demand for Arbitration
• Mediation
• Neutral Evaluation (Single Party)
• Settlement Conference Facilitation
areas of law:• Commercial
• Construction Disputes
• Contracts
• Family Law
• Intellectual Property
• Landlord-Tenant
• Malpractice
• Personal Injury
• Property
• Workers Compensation
hourly rate:$425.00
Qualifications:Honorable Al Bey, is a Public Law and International Law Professional Mediator Jurist.He has served in several Capacities as a Former Tribal Appellate Circuit Court Chief Justice and Chairman.His many notable accomplishments include Community Interventions and National Affairs including NGO, IGO, and U.N. Affiliated Entities throughout the United States and Abroad.His Preferred style of Mediation techniques is Transformative and Fact Finding in collaboration with CorporateDue Diligences.