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The Need
What is eLawyering ?
eLawyering is a term used to refer to the practice of law over the Internet. It is more than Internet based advertising. eLawyering iniatives undertaken by the organized bar are usually focused on reaching a "latent market" of lower and middle class citizens in need of legal services.


An Online Alternative for ADR

 Monty Ahalt believes that most civil cases can be resolved without the parties ever being in the same room or even on the same phone call.

Online Business Settles Legal Disputes by Marcus Moore

 Move over Judge Wapner, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and your video colleagues: The cyber-judges are here. Unlike TV judges, however, these online judges aren't interested in entertainment, but in providing a quick, relatively low-cost way to settle legal disputes without the hassles of going to court.

Five Easy Steps to a Paperless Office

Of all the technology that a small law firm can employ to work faster, cheaper, and be more client-friendly, paperless office technology stands out as the one that provides the most return on investment while being surprisingly easy to implement.

Progressive Joins VirtualCourthouse.comâ„¢™ is extremely pleased to announce that Progressive Insurance Company has officially agreed to consider claims filed in™. Progressive is among the leaders in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Automobile Insurance Industry Region.